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June 22, 2013
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"No! I don't wanna' go!" I struggled as my mother dragged me to the park. My *fraternal twin brother Naruto was having the time of his life just watching me go to play with my worst enemy for a day.

"______ Uzumaki, stop being difficult!" my mother said," It's not like it's the end of world!"

"But it is for me!" I yelled as I pulled myself out of her reach only for Naruto to pick me up and throw me onto his back. I kicked and yelled and did everything I could think of at the time. If I had an extra minute I would have leaned back and punched that idiotic loud mouth square in the face, but I love him, so I held it back.

"No! You can't make me!" I heard a voice yell. Oh, great.....

It was Sasuke Uchiha, the heart throb popular boy of Kakashi-sensei's Kindergarten class.

"Come on, little bro," his older brother Itachi said, dragging the little duck-butt by the collar of his black t-shirt," It's not like she's gonna kill you!"

"You don't know that!" Sasuke mumbled rather loudly.

"Hey! I heard that!" I yelled at him as Naruto placed me down in the sandbox of Konoha(?) park. That was where our parents and Kakashi had discussed to place us for our.....

Play date.....

That was the last thing I wanted. I hated him so much it wasn't even funny! Okay, maybe a bit funny, but he was always so mean to Naruto! And since Naruto protects me, I protect him.

"Good! You were intended to!" Sasuke yelled back. God, of all my hate and rage, I put it into that... thing.

Itachi set Sasuke down in front of me in the sandbox. Sasuke darted to make a run for it, but Itachi held him down by forcing his weight on Sasuke by his shoulders.

"Don't do anything stupid!" Naruto hollered at me as he and mom walked hand in hand back to our house.

Itachi took his hands off of Sasuke's shoulders and leaned down in between us," Now, listen you two. I know you don't get along, but try not to kill each other, okay?"

Sasuke grunted and I rolled my eyes,"Like I would even touch that thing.."

Itachi shook his head and walked home, murmuring something about children, which I didn't understand because he was still a kid himself! I twirled a lock of brown hair** with my tiny fingers and didn't even look at him. I can honestly say that I didn't want to. I didn't see why he had so many fan girls if he wants them to go die in a hole! Sure, he is kinda' cute, but he's such a jerk! He was a smart kid, I'll give im' that, but how can he be popular if he doesn't even talk to anyone!? Yeesh! The only friend he has is the tree he hides in to get away from the one too many fan girls!

Out of peripheral vision, I saw Sasuke staring at me. I felt a bit of heat rush to my cheeks, but I didn't acknowledge him. But his staring didn't stop, so I decided to break the awkward silence we've had for over half an hour.

"This is stupid!" I huffed and crossed my arms," This is all your fault, Uchiha."

Sasuke glared at me," My fault?" his voice rose," My fault!? If anything, it's your fault you... you...." He couldn't think of a comeback, what a pansy!

"HA! Too lost, eh, Uchiha?" I laughed triumphantly," I am the queen of comebacks!"

Sasuke growled," You damn little bit-" His cold, black eyes softened and he covered his mouth before he could say anything else. Did he just...?

I gasped, tears stinging my vibrant green eyes***," I can't believe you!"

I stood up and ran as fast as I could to get way from that jerk. We're five, for God's sake! I wanted to call him a jack-ass, but I didn't wanna turn into Uncle Tsinato, mine and Naruto's lazy bum uncle who curses all the time and drinks, always smelling like beer and ramen.

I eventually got tired and couldn't run anymore, in fear that my heart would pop out of my chest. I found the perfect tree and laid under the shadiest part, cuddling my legs, holding them close to my chest and wrapping my arms around them to keep them there. I let the tears roll down my cheeks, not caring anymore. I always knew Sasuke was a jerk, but to stoop so low, blaming me for his mistake and then cursing at me!? What a.....



~Flash back provided by ramen!"

Naruto was in front of the class as usual, telling stories about how he could become ruler of the world one day and how they should all respect him for future references and stuff like that. But when Naruto went to jump off the teachers desk, Sasuke came running in the classroom from his fan girls and banged into the desk, causing Naruto to fall on top him. Then, to make matters worse, the "Pink posse" showed up. I called them the pink posse because of their leader, Sakura. I hated her more than Sasuke! Naruto had a huge crush on her, and she hated his guts! I could care less about how infatuated and annoying she was to Duck-butt, but to stab my brother's heart like that!? What a prissy pants.....

All the girls, with the exception of me, Hinata, and Ino, wanted to be exactly like her because she was the prettiest girl in the class. I hated her so much I shoved her off the top of the slide one day. Anyway, back to the flash back..

"OW!" Naruto screamed in pain. Sasuke had fallen on Naruto's ankle, the ankle he broke 6 months ago. He tried to suck in his tears, but they slid off his face and dripped to the floor.

"Naruto!" Me and Hinata yelped. We ran over and helped the crying Naruto off the floor. Hinata helped him stand up and limp to the nurse's office, while I stayed back to deal with Sasuke.

He brushed himself and got up off the floor, but not until I pushed him back down," Hey!" he growled at me. I lifted him up by the collar of his shirt and shoved him against the chalkboard. He was too quick though, and he pushed me down before I could give him a piece of my mind. Instead, I gave him a piece of my shoe.

I threw my shoe at him and it hit his head with a "clonk". He glared at me and lunged at me. We fought with each other for fifteen minutes, my friends Shikamaru, Kiba, Choji, Ten-ten, and Rock Lee Cheering for me, while Sasuke's fan girls cheered for him.

Then Kakashi-sensei walked in the room(Late as usual) And broke up the fight. He sent us to the principal's office and called our parents. Sasuke's dad was not a happy man. His mother seemed used to this kind of behavior, probably from Itachi, but she wasn't too happy either. Mom didn't like the fact that this was my third time in the principal's office this week, not to mention the fact that Naruto got hurt.

Our parents had a conversation and decided to set us up on a play date to work out our problems and become friends, despite the begging and pleading me and Sasuke did, promising anything to get them to back down.

Too bad it didn't work...

~End of flash back

I cried and cried as I heard a muffled voice calling my name. It was raining now, but I could care less if it was snowing. It was very warm, 23 degrees, to be exact, but the harsh rain made it feel like 9.

"I thought I would never find you!" The voice was more clear now. It was Sasuke.

And he sounded worried? No way....

"I-I" I stuttered," Go away, Uchiha.." I sniffled.

"No," He said in a cold, stern voice," Not until we make up."

My puffy eyes went wide," Make up? Do really think that I would-"

I was cut off by Sasuke doing the most unexpected thing in my life.

He hugged me.

And cried...

"Please! _______, you have no idea how sorry I am!" He cried into my shoulder," I was being stupid and-"

"A duck-butt?" I chuckled, seeing him cry and express feelings was making him look adorable. He nodded," Yeah, a duck-butt.." He chuckled lightly and I could feel the faintest smile curl on his lips, which were pressed into the crook of my neck. He pulled away, revealing a red blush stained on his cheeks," Hey, _______......, we cool now?"

I blushed and pressed my lips to his for a quick moment," You owe my brother ramen, and not the cheap stuff!"

I saw the kiss as a little token of me committing my friendship to him, and so did he. Sasuke's face turned bright red.

"Anything, my new best friend!" Sasuke got up and held out a hand to me, which I gladly took.

Then we walked back to the park, hand in hand, Sasuke's navy blue rain jacket looming over both of our heads to protect us from the rain.

Who knew that our unwanted play date would change our lives forever.....

*= fraternal means that you and Naruto were born at the same time, but you had your dad's looks while he had your moms.
**= Since my hair is brown and I needed you and Naruto to not be identical, I gave my hair color to you! Congrats if this is your hair color, and sorry if it isn't!
***=Again, same situation as the hair color. Sorry if you don't have green eyes, and good for you if you do!!
?= I've heard this in many (random Naruto boy)x reader things, like Konoha High School and stuff, so I just assumed that this where they live or something. Not even sure if I spelled it right....Boo......

Thanks for reading, and sorry if Sasuke is a little OOC( I honestly don't know what that means, but I've heard before, so I think it has something to do with a characters personality or something?)So please don't hate me! *Holds up frying pan*
just a quickie I decided to make(Which actually took me almost three hours to write...).

Hope you like!
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this story is kawaii desu!
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Don't worry, OOC means exactly what you thought. I had trouble too :iconsweatplz:
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