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July 23, 2013
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Dear diary,

I haven't got an order from Medusa yet, which makes me wonder if she's just bitching with me, or if she's trying to make me go insane from waiting. But, for now, I'm just trying to spend as much time with Tyler as possible. I can only see him for seven hours a day, so I see him from after school til Medusa comes and takes him away. I think Justin's starting to get suspicious, but, despite his extremely high intelligence and seriousness, he's kinda oblivious to things. It's kind of amazing that he's the smart one of us, yet he's also the stupidest. But I have great news! Juliet is coming to live with us!

I haven't told you about Juliet, have I? Well, she's Justin's girlfriend. Yeah, I honestly think he didn't have a social life until he met her, but since he's two grades higher than me, we never really see each other in school, so I'm not sure...

Oh, wait.... Yep, I'm sure!

Juliet has long, wavy blonde hair, and she's very smart! She has bright blue eyes and is "Very symmetrical", which in OCD terms means pretty. She's the only girl besides me or grandma who's able to put up with Justin, so, she's like a role model! But, there is one teeny tiny problem with her coming to Death City...

She's a witch.

Now, think about this, diary! Justin is a meister, a person who wields a weapon to hunt Kishins and WITCHES!! Do you honestly think that Justin would date her if she was bad!? FUCK NO!!! But, they've been dating since they were 12, when they met in sixth grade, and I can't wait til Justin proposes to her! Hopefully, he won't be a dick and chicken out...

But, anyways, many things have been happening at school. Me and Damion have been spending a lot of time together, cause after the whole rumor incident, I don't want our friendship to be ruined again. But when I'm not with Damion, I'm with Kid! I don't like him per say, cause it's take more than two months for me to fall in love, but I think he's definitely my kind of guy! He's sweet and kind, he could use a little more humor, thought, but he's super cute and really, well, just an over all great guy! But I can see why his only friends are his weapons and the rest of the gang... I guess people just don't like the fact that he's got OCD, which was why Justin never had many friends, except for his weapons and me and Damion, and to be honest, we don't really count!

But, I've been thinking lately... What happens if we have to move back home? I can't leave Death City! I mean, I can, but I don't fucking want to! I have many friends here, and I love them, you know, like brothers and sisters. Okay, maybe not Black*Star, he's just someone I tolerate, but for everyone else, like Family.

Speaking of Family, It's November now, almost December, which means it's almost Christmas! Yeah, I'm fifteen years old, but I still act like a five year old when it comes to Christmas. As usual, I'll probably get some video games and awesome shit like that(Hopefully Pokémon Y, since it's already out now, and I only get video games for special occasions...), but, maybe something different now that I have some new Gift Bringers- I mean friends!

But, now I'm tired, so, buh-bye!

I closed my little book shut, and sighed. I have never been so happy in my life. But since me and Damion's Best Friend Anniversary(BFA, if you will) is tomorrow, we get to take the day off! Justin let's us out of school for that day only, so we truly cherish it...

Ah~ I still remember the day we first met...


Flashback to ten years ago!~

I sat quietly in my little group, waiting for the teacher to tell us the 'Big news' she had for us! Now, I'm no psychic, but I'm guessing it has to do with that boy in the front of the class. He had red eyes, and navy blue hair that was really spiky and messy! He wore a red and white jacket, and seemed really shy, he kept looking down at his feet.

"Now class!" The teacher said," We have a new student joining our little classroom! Everyone, say hello to Damion Red!"

"Hi Damion!" We all said.

Time-skip to three weeks later!~

I saw Team Skull picking on Damion again at recess. I really hated those guys. The team leader was none other than Gordan Skullairy, AKA Skull, and his pathetic little minions, Jason Martzer and Vencencio Diamzon. Yes, they were Italian transfer students, but the only reason I knew that was because Jason and Venny had accents, while Skull sounded like a mob boss. I don't think Skull is Italian, but whatever! They all had purple hair, and were mean to everybody, even the girls!(If you're a fan of Pokémon, just imagine Team Skull from Pokémon: Mystery Dungeons Explorers of Darkness in human form; Zubat being Jason, Koffing being Venny, and Skull being Skunktank!)

I crouched down behind a bush and watched, waiting for the perfect moment...

"Well, well," Skull shoved Damion to the ground," If it isn't Mr. Japan!"

Damion's parent work in Japan for the Pokémon Company, they're kinda famous down there. Apparently, Damion's gonna have a character in 2012 or 2013 named Hugh, based off of his appearance and personality, but's that's way head of time!

"Just leave me alone..." Damion muttered, barely audible.

"Why? You don't like this?" Jason began hitting Damion with a thick stick. Soon, all of them were circled around him, hitting him with sticks. He had no escape route...

"Stop it!" he cried, his little arms in defense mode, trying to absorb the blows," Just go away! Please stop!"

"Now, why would we wanna do that?"

"Because this!" I turned my arm into a machete and began slashing at them. They got a few cuts, but nothing serious. They all began to cry.

"You monster!" Jason bawled, running away.

"You crazy girl!" Venny screamed, tagging along with Jason. Skull was about to follow them, but he shoved me to the ground, me landing on my butt next to Damion," This isn't over, _____! You hear me!" and he ran off.

I rolled my eyes and fixed the little pigtails my (h/c) hair was put up in. When that failed, I growled and took them down completely, letting out a sigh of defeat.

"Why did you do that?" I snapped my head up to see Damion staring at me, curiosity gleaming in his red orbs.

"Because," I placed my hand over his, causing him to blush," You don't deserve to be bullied, no one does!"

"So, you did it because?..." He asked, clearly missing my message.

"Those guys are just jealous because you have famous parents and they're just stupid butts! You're way better than them, and you shouldn't let them treat you like that!"

He blushed at my compliments," You... you really think that?"

"Of course!"

"Then," He looked away," You wouldn't mind,... being my friend?"

"Friend? No, I'll be your BEST friend!" I tackled him into a hug.

"You will!?" he asked, joy in his voice.

I nodded. He smiled and we sat up, and said mean things about Team Skull, and we laughed. But, then, we had to go back inside to wait for our parents to pick us up. As kindergarteners, we only went to school for half a day, one of the things I miss about it...

Just as I was about to get back up, I was pulled back down," Wait!"

I looked at Damion, confused," What?"

"We need something! You know, to promise we have each other's back! Like, cutting our fingers and mixing the blood!"

I turned away in disgust,"Ew! That's gross! How about something else?"

"Like a kiss?" He suggested. Since we were five, kisses were no bid deal. So, naturally, I agreed.

"Perfect!" I took his hands in mine and we said in unison," I promise to always be there for you, through thick and thin, through ice and wind, no matter what. I will always be with you..." And we slowly leaned in, and kissed.


Ever since then, we've been best friends. I blushed deeply at the thought of my first kiss being with my bestie. I don't have a crush on Damion, but everyone had always picked on us for being so close, like we were dating. I could care less what they thought, but sometimes Damion would get pissed off and beat the shit out of them, earing him 2 days suspension and a week of detention.

But, slowly, my mind drifted off to the moments I've been with Kid. I fell asleep, a blush bright on my face, one last thought ringing through my mind.

Do I have a crush on Kid?
Okay, so, now that Medusa has entered the picture, I think it's time I have a vote! Since I'm thinking about finishing this up with at least 20 chapters, I want a heads up;

Which X readers do you want me to write as a one-shot or series?:

Death the Kid X Reader( Only available as a one-shot!)

Karkat Vantas X Reader

Sasuke Uchiha X Reader

Soul Evans X Reader

or Silver X Reader( The rival from Heartgold, not from Sonic!)

So you leave a comment telling me which one you want as a series, or as one-shots! Please be specific! Like, write down Ex. One-shot: Karkat X Reader
Series: Sasuke X reader

I will give you till Chapter 15 to make your vote. I will announce the winning Series and One-shot in Chapter sixteen's description!

Chapter 1: flamebladegirl5362.deviantart....
Chapter 2: flamebladegirl5362.deviantart....
Chapter 3: flamebladegirl5362.deviantart....
Chapter 4: flamebladegirl5362.deviantart....
Chapter 5: flamebladegirl5362.deviantart....
Chapter 6: flamebladegirl5362.deviantart....
Chapter 7: flamebladegirl5362.deviantart....
Chapter 8: you're already here, dumbass!
Chapter 9: Patience, young reader...

Thanks for reading! Enjoy!~
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